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When you think of relatively old gambling services with a huge reputation and working experience, AllSlots Casino is one of the services that can suit your tastes. The operator is great for players who value stability and confidence and want to feel that their interests are protected: AllSlots Casino is a legal Canadian casino that is certified and regularly checked by specialists who make sure that everything works fine. It’s a great opportunity to relax and have fun – and also to win some real money!

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This AllSlots Casino review will tell you about the pros and cons of the casino:

  • AllSlots Casino has a great collection of good casino games that can entertain you for a long time. While some casinos offer thousands of games to play, AllSlots has over 700 games to choose from: though it doesn’t look that impressive, it’s still enough to play one new game every day for almost two years! Of course, most gamblers don’t need hundreds of games because they only play a few favourite ones but it’s still pleasant to have an opportunity to test and try a huge number of pokies. Except for pokies, you can also play your favourite table games that require some skills and knowledge, and you can enjoy live dealer games operated by professional dealers to experience the atmosphere of playing in a real-life casino. Most pokies are developed by famous companies like Microgaming, so you can enjoy high-quality games safely because these titles are definitely reliable and entertaining;
  • The service’s reputation makes it more trustworthy and reliable in users’ eyes: though nowadays it’s pretty easy to find relatively new casinos that have great characteristics and impressive bonuses, it’s still a good idea to pay attention to old and respectable casinos that have lots of reviews and operate their great working experience wisely. AllSlots was created at the beginning of the 2000s, so it definitely knows what people expect from a good online casino: they ha enough time to understand their users’ needs and improve the service to satisfy most players’ tastes;
  • While some casinos prefer to adapt their websites to mobile platforms, you can download the AllSlots casino app to operate your account and play many popular casino games via your smartphone or tablet. Like many casinos, the service has an app for both Android and iOS users, so you can easily download a necessary app in AppStore or Play Market. It allows you to play wherever you are as long as your internet connection is stable;
  • It’s essential for a reliable casino to be licensed: most experienced gamblers don’t even play at unlicensed casinos because it’s pretty hard to check their quality and reliability. AllSlots is certified by eCOGRA: gamblers know its name because it’s a famous company that tests and checks online casinos worldwide to make sure everything works fine. Specialists try payment methods and RTP rates to guarantee that you can actually win and get your money at AllSlots – and it makes the casino more attractive in players’ eyes. Another important feature is that the casino has an impressively high RTP rate – it’s over 96%, so it’s a great decision for people who dream of winning;
  • Bonuses are essential for attractive and profitable casinos: they help the services to get more potential clients and to keep the existing ones who need some promotions to keep their interest in gambling high. AllSlots Casino bonus welcomes new players and makes their start brighter: you can have a 100% matching bonus of up to C$ 1500 in total – and that’s a generous present! Though the bonus has pretty high wagering requirements, it’s still a great deal for those who just start their gambling adventure and are ready to spend some money on it;
  • The casino also has a good 24\7 customer support service available in English and French. It’s essential for players to be able to contact a casino at any moment: like other hobbies that involve real money, gambling has some risks – so players should always feel protected. A friendly support system answers all the important questions and helps with some issues that may occur – so you’re never alone there.

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages that can spoil your first impression a bit. Though many services know what users want from a perfect casino, it’s sometimes hard to make everything perfect: casinos make money in the first place, so they can’t spend everything they have on extremely generous gifts or constant improvements. The main goal of every player is to find a service with the least irritating cons – so it’s always important to know about them before you start to play for real money. There are some disadvantages to remember:

  • Though the service is completely legal and available for Canadians, it’s closed for U.S. gamblers. Though it’s not a big issue for Canadian players who don’t travel a lot, it might be a disadvantage for travellers or those who have business trips pretty often. Though you are able to play the mobile version of the casino wherever you are in Canada, it doesn’t work with the U.S.;
  • The casino has strict minimum play requirements, so you aren’t allowed to play easily there. The service encourages its users to be more active and involved in gambling – and it might be not the best feature for casual gamblers who only play from time to time;
  • AllSlots doesn’t have fast withdrawals: it might take you some time to get your winnings. Though it’s not extremely important for every gambler, it might be a bit irritating for people who don’t like the idea of waiting for days or even weeks before they can get their money;
  • It’s not only withdrawals that can be a bit slow: some users claim that the customer support service doesn’t answer quickly as well. Every player should be ready to wait before they can get their answers: while some questions can wait, there are always issues like forgotten passwords that can be pretty disappointing. Be ready to spend a lot of time waiting before you can get your issues solved;
  • Users also claim that the website is a bit confusing. Not every service has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand for everyone – and AllSlots is a good example of it. It often happens with relatively old casinos because they don’t change their websites on time – so be ready to spend a few additional seconds to find all the important features there.

The casino has its pros and cons but the general impression of the service is pretty positive, so it can be easily recommended to most players. If you’re ready for casual online gambling at a service with a good reputation, then it’s a great choice for you!